Unrealistic Expectations of the Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is becoming a common occurrence in this age where women are becoming so sensitive about their physical appearance more than anything else. Mommy makeover is a kind of reconstruction or corrective surgery which involves plastic surgeries to post pregnant women and the main aim is to restore their bodies to the original forms before their pregnancy. Pregnancy and breastfeeding changes the body of many women in many ways and aspects such as: deflation of the breasts, change in shape of the tummies, hips and even thighs. This has left many women longing for their pre-pregnant body. Post pregnant women have in some cases complained of reduced sexual pleasure and satisfaction in their relationships. This has led to growing number of mommy makeover cost az surgeries around the globe. The procedure is expensive but it is worth it for women who have suffered low self esteem as a result of their post-pregnancy bodies.

mammy makeover azMany mothers are driven to this surgeries by the unrealistic expectations that the society has upon them and also the film industries which have made pregnant women desire to have bodies similar to those of actresses even after pregnancy. The mommy makeover before and after is commercially driven and most surgeons are making a lot of money from it.

Mommy makeover involves procedures such as breast augmentation which is generally the use of breast implants to increase the size of the breasts and restore the shape and volume lost after pregnancy. Breast augmentation is done to increase projection of a womans’ breast, to improve her figure and physical outlook while also enhancing her self confidence and self esteem. Women are advised to go for Breast augmentation procedures, six moths after breastfeeding to allow the breasts to return to their normal size first. Another mommy makeover method similar to breast augmentation is breast lifting which helps the breasts look fuller and and lifted. Others may require breast reduction combined with breast implants in order to restore their bodies.

Another mommy makeover procedure which involves cosmetic surgery is liposuction which helps post-pregnant women in getting rid of stubborn fat in the hips and thighs. This in most cases cannot be corrected with dieting and exercise. This procedure improves the shape of the woman but does not reduce her weight MDGO.co. A lot of factors come into consideration in this surgery and a lot of fat cannot be safely removed in one surgery session since it is not safe.

Plastic Surgeries Following A Drastic Weight Reduction

Weight loss can take a serious toll on the way the body looks without clothes on. Dropping fat quickly causes skin to sag rather than tighten up naturally. Pockets of stubborn fat may also be left behind creating an unattractive texture and cellulite. Plastic surgery techniques following weight loss tighten skin and contour a thin, attractive shape to the physique.
Plastic surgery techniques following weight loss tighten skin and contour a thin, attractive shape to the physique said Jason Hope http://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-jason-hope-xfdb3

Removal of Excess, Sagging Skin

The biggest complaint of people that experience a drastic weight reduction is the hanging skin that does not shrink up with the fat. This occurs in arms, stomach, breasts, under the chin, and in the thighs. Compression garments are a quick way to fix things from a clothed perspective, however, it does nothing for the confidence to get naked or wear a bathing suit. Body contouring can provide a lasting effect as long as the weight is not regained. A skilled surgeon removing areas sagging skin is able to provide the body with a smoother appearance that cannot be gained through any amount of exercise.

Liposuction of Leftover, Stubborn Fat

Although liposuction does not help with sagging skin or cellulite, it effectively removes the stubborn fat pockets that are the most difficult to lose through diet and exercise alone. Removing fat stored under the chin, bulkiness in the thighs, and bulges in the waist area can do wonders for self-esteem. This technique can be done in multiple areas in the same procedure to help people that have multiple problem areas following dramatic weight loss. Risks and side effects depend heavily on the site being liposuctioned, with death being extremely rare. Swelling and tenderness are expected to immediately follow, however, they are expected to subside within a few days of recovery.

Implants To Define Feminine Features

SalineAn overall weight loss reduces the size and fullness of the breasts and buttocks. A woman used to a curvier figure may feel inadequate losing these feminine features along with body fat. A breast lift with implants is the best way to restore the size and youthful positioning. The saline filling option can make the breast look more dominant, while silicone implants feel and look closer to a natural breast. Buttock implants or injections restore the roundness and sexy shape of a deflated rear end. One downside to the injection option is it requires removal of donor fat from other parts of the body for injection. It is best to have this surgery done at the same time as liposuction rather than attempt it after the bulk of fat is removed.

Muscle Implants To Give Masculine Definition

Overweight men tend to have an easier time turning fat into muscle than build it up from nothing. A dramatic weight loss is the perfect time to add definition to existing muscles that were camouflaged by layers of fat. Unfortunately, there may not be much bulk left to work with without ingesting massive amounts of protein. Rather than risk regaining too much fat, men have the option of various implants that give the same definition on a more permanent level. Surgically enhanced calves, pectoral muscles, biceps, and shoulders give the appearance of spending hours at the gym without the work.

Plastic surgeries are almost a requirement after a major weight loss. The body is only able to retain a limited amount of elasticity that continues to decrease as we grow older. Forget going back and forth to the gym trying to work off fat pockets that have made a permanent residence in your waist, thighs, and abdomen. Both genders experience major benefits of undergoing surgery to correct the appearance of leftover skin and enhancement of their best features.

male plastic surgery

Why Has Plastic Surgery For Men Grown?

Recently, there has been a huge number in the amount of people looking to get plastic surgery. However, surprisingly, there are thousands more men that wish to get surgery rather than women. There are still huge numbers of women who want plastic surgery however; there are now more and more males who are looking to go under the knife. It’s true; there are a growing number of men who are considering surgery but why? Why has the plastic surgery business for men grown over the past few years?

Vanity Plays Its Part

It isn’t just women who feel ashamed of their bodies; men do too, even if they don’t like to admit it. There are in fact more men today who want to go under the knife and get some sort of surgery done in order to improve on their looks and physiques. Many want to look like a movie star with perfect cheek bones, pecks and the whole package. Hundreds of men so far have already looked at peck implants and even liposuction just so that they are able to mould the perfect body image. To be honest, the pressure of perfect is becoming bigger and bigger and vanity does take over and men want to just look handsome.

Men Want To Look Good

Men want to look great for the sake of things! They want women to notice them and want women to be attracted to them and there are very few women who can resist a fantastically and very gorgeous handsome looking man! That is why the numbers has grown for male plastic surgery. There is such a huge amount of pressure on men today to look perfect and as a result, men choose surgery. Pressure does have a massive impact on why a man looks at surgery for them personally.

male plastic surgery

Who Wants Sloppy?

A man can look fantastic to a woman if he has a nice smile and great personality but in some areas of life, this is simply not enough. In many jobs, looks count unfortunately even for men, and it has meant that more men want to improve on everything. They may have a nice smile but if their looks aren’t included in the package then some companies won’t hire them. It’s horrible to say but actually people judge others on looks and male plastic surgery numbers soar because of it.checkout more detailed information at http://plasticsurgery.com/the-growing-trend-of-men-and-cosmetic-surgery and take a review on it.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, men need to look good for a variety of reasons including work, attracting a girl and just to feel better about themselves. In today’s society, there is a growing pressure on men to look perfect; and it isn’t just women who are putting the pressure on either but society in general. You get judged on looks at times and for many men they have realized this and want to change their appearance so that they are seen in a better light. Plastic surgery might have a lot to do with vanity but at the same time, it does have a lot to do with self confidence.

surgery failure

3 Most Common Plastic Surgery Failures – What Can Go Wrong

Cosmetic surgery is certainly becoming more and more popular. Going under the knife and getting work done for someone can often be something which helps to boost their self confidence rather than just a beauty procedure. It’s true, there are many average 9-to-5 people who save up, go under the knife, for them to feel better about their bodies or looks. However, just like everything in life, there can often be downsides and plastic surgery is no different. There can be failures as well but what are the three most common plastic surgery failures?

Problems with Breast Augmentation

Saline_Breast_ImplantsBreast augmentation or a boob job is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures of today. However, this isn’t without risk or even failure. There have been many cases in which a woman has undergone enhancement surgery only to be left with bad tissue scarring. Scarring is in fact a big problem but that is not the real failure, in many cases, the implant leaks inside the patient or in others, the implant needs to be removed months after due to certain complications. Have a time to look for the site http://www.drmeronk.com/insidersguide/28.html and you will find good reason to visit next time. It is actually a common failure for plastic surgery even though it’s so popular.

Face Lifts Gone Wrong

A face lift can be anything from rhinoplasty to enhancing the lips however, in many cases; the patient is often left looking very different and sometimes odd. There have been many notable cases in which people have undergone surgery on their faces only to be left with dropping eyes, swollen lips and a crooked nose. Yes, in nose jobs, the nose needs to be broken in order to change however; there are always big risks that the nose will be out of line with the rest of the face. Face lifts do go wrong even though many people don’t think them to be plastic surgery.


Liposuction seems to be a pretty straight forward procedure and in some cases it is, however, it is also common for things to go wrong. There have been many cases in which something has gone wrong and the patient has been able to be revived during the recovery phase. There are also many other problems but there have been many failures in this area. This is a common cosmetic surgery failure.

Anything Can Go Wrong

There are lots of common failures that come from plastic surgery, especially with eye lifts and enhancing the lips, and the above are quite common. Cosmetic surgery is never going to be without its risks because anything could go wrong. You often don’t think about this when it comes to getting some work done however it is true; there are so many things that can go wrong when you get a cosmetic procedure done.

surgery failure

Always Know the Risks

Before getting any work done, you always need to know the consequences and risks. Sometimes, the most common plastic surgery failures could be staring you in the face and if you are not wary, then anything could happen. That is why there are going to be more and more people a little hesitant before surgery. However, it is important to know what could go before the plastic surgery procedures are completed.