Launched in March 2009 by Michael Kope, Aubrey de Grey, Jeff Hall, Sarah Marr and Kevin Perrot, SENS Research Foundation is a non-profit organization with a chief aim of applying regenerative medicine to aging. Presently, it is located in Mountain View California in the United States from where it carries out its main research projects. It majorly came into existence to enable the world transform its general research and treatment of age related diseases. In order to make this a reality, the organization employs a number of strategies.sens

For one, it conducts numerous outreach programs to educate people on what they ought to know regarding the usage of regenerative medicine on aging. This is often conducted in various ways with the most renowned ones being summits, speaking engagements, general advocacy and SENS conferences held after every two years in Cambridge. In addition, SENS Research Foundation funds several research projects with close relations to aging across various universities globally. The Research center has also been known to be very instrumental in an on-going student program generally referred to as SRF program. In this, students are enrolled for summer internship at the SRF Research center alongside other institutions. During the internship, they are trained, guided, mentored and offered access to material grants to enable them effectively participate in the SENS research projects

The Research institution works in collaboration with various renowned institutions worldwide to enhance its projects and make the research more beneficial. Among others, SENS Research Foundation funds extra research projects in Yale University, Cambridge University, University of Texas, Rice University, University of Arizona and the Harvard University.

For efficiency, the foundation has organized its research projects under seven main research themes which are representatives of major aging damages. For a start, there is the cell loss and cell atrophy which mainly focuses on stem cells and tissue engineering. There are also extracellular aggregates which the research aims at stimulating the immune system to do away with. In addition, the research focuses on intracellular aggregates aimed at equipping the lysosomes with enzymes capable of degrading the aggregates. The other research projects focus on mitochondrial mutation and death resistant cells. Finally, the research projects also focus on extracellular cross links and nuclear mutations as the other two remaining aging damages. For every research strand, there is at least one project in progress.

Aubrey_de_GreyTo enable it undertake all the above projects, SENS Research Foundation relies on assistance from researchers, donors, well-wishers and volunteers. This could never be possible without the numerous outreach programs which are often used as suitable platforms for creating awareness on the foundation and its noble course. Among renowned personalities who have made remarkable contributions towards the research projects include Jason Hope who is a Scottsdale based entrepreneur, Justin Bonomo a professional poker player and Peter Thiel; the former CEO of PayPal. Just recently in 2011, one of the co-founders Audrey de Grey, injected $13million of the $16.5million he inherited from his mother into the research project. As a result, SENS Research Foundation’s annual budget increased to $4million which was quite remarkable.

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